STEM is Science Technology Engineering Maths!


At Sunbury West the Students from F-6 participate in timetabled STEM classes. While the STEM teaching and learning program uses content knowledge and understandings from Mathematics, Science and Design and Technologies, it also aims to develop capabilities such as critical and creative thinking, collaboration and ethical decision making.


Each STEM class will have a focus on new and technical vocabulary, a growth mindset approach (for instance we can try new things, we don’t know yet, let’s try Plan B).  Our STEM classes place great importance on working with others and sharing our ideas. Recording our designs and ideas and thinking occurs in our STEM journals, or through videos and photos on our iPads.

F-6 Units of work may be linked to class INQUIRY topics to build upon and deepen student understanding of a particular topic. Our Units in STEM include What is STEM?  Design Solutions, Home Among the Gum Trees (Biological Science), Mini-Beasts, Technology and Let’s Be Scientists (Chemical Science).


Sunbury West has a lovely big double classroom designated for the use of STEM classes, and resourced with Lego We-Do kits, relevant information texts and tubs of resources to use in STEM investigations.


We love STEM at Sunbury West!

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