Student Engagement and Wellbeing

Students' health, safety and wellbeing are essential to learning and development. An inclusive, safe, orderly and stimulating environment is critical to achieving and sustaining students' positive learning experiences. Over the last few years, work has been undertaken to improve the aesthetics of the school and promote pride and ownership of school facilities. Examples include; continuing garden projects, ongoing maintenance works and the installation of shade sails for new and existing playgrounds.


In 2018 the school introduced School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS), which is an evidence based whole-school framework that provides the school with an approach to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for all students. Research has shown that SWPBS is successful in reducing problem behaviour and improving school culture. The school has focussed on the development of a behaviour matrix, review of the school's behaviour management policy and ongoing learning to develop student's personal and social capabilities. This work has emphasised whole school approaches to welfare and discipline, building alignment and continuity of practice.


Our school values are:  we respect, we belong, we strive. These are inherent in our school promise, which we all recite at every assembly. Our school has continued to offer a large number of opportunities designed to assist children to develop connectedness with each other and also build resilience and self esteem. Examples of these are: Junior School Council, House / Vice Captains, Pupil of the Week, Housemates, Buddies and Peer Support programs, school performances, art displays and sporting opportunities.

All students at Sunbury West participate in the Respectful Relationships program. This research based initiative supports and teaches students how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. This is a whole school approach that is building a culture of respect and gender equality across our school community and promotes the development of interpersonal skills in our students. Topics covered at all levels include Emotional Literacy, Personal Strengths, Positive Coping and Help-Seeking.

At Sunbury West Primary School we provide an inclusive education for all students, where eligible students with diagnosed disabilities are supported through the Program for Students with Disabilities and our Language Support Program. If a specific learning need is identified the school has access to Student Support Services via the Department of Education. These services are comprised of a broad range of professionals including psychologists, speech pathologists and social workers. Student support services staff work as part of an integrated health and wellbeing team within areas of schools, focusing on providing student support, workforce capacity building and access to specialised services.


Sunbury West is an Asthma friendly and Sunsmart school and all staff are trained in the treatment of Anaphylaxis.


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