At Sunbury West we want students to learn to listen to, read, view, speak, write, create and reflect on written and multimodal texts in a range of contexts. We do this by focusing on:



Oral Language


Letter Sound Knowledge (Phonics)


Phonological Awareness



Word Choice


Sentence Fluency





These are the foundations of literacy learning and are the focus for students across year Prep to Six. In the early years of schooling, oral language development, phonics and phonological awareness form the foundation of literacy skill acquisition. Students are exposed to both fiction and non-fiction texts to support their development in reading, writing and speaking and listening. Through our home reading program across year Prep-6, students are encouraged to take books and other reading materials home to share with their family to continue to develop their abilities. To complement this teachers conduct weekly library lessons where students are encouraged to borrow books to foster a love of literature from our well-resourced library.



Wednesday 27th May was National Simultaneous Storytime. The 2020 book was Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas! Our 3-6 cohort participated virtually, listening to the book on Story Box and doing some word searches, code breakers, chicken coop designs and chook files. Our P-2 team were lucky enough to have a live reading and made some SUPER special and sparkly chickens and crowns! We hope you enjoy.


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