21st Century Learning & ICT

1 to 1 iPad Program

Students from 5/6 are invited to bring their own iPad to school every day.

Sunbury West Primary School aims to develop independent and interdependent, reflective, global learners who strive to improve in learning and achieve their best.


This includes developing the confidence to take risks, trusting self and others, using initiative and being able to adapt to change
or to emerging needs and trends. We value learning with and from others, developing teams of enquiring people, encouraging meaningful conversations and valuing the contributions of others. At the same time, we want to be outward-looking, searching for greater knowledge and inviting others to support us in establishing a culture of curiosity.


The 1 to 1 Digital Learning Program will support us to continue the provision of the highest quality education to our school community. The effective use of ICT helps to engage students in their learning and assists in individualising student programs. It also assists students in making connections with what they are learning and with the world outside of the classroom. Tools and
processes for effective communication, collaboration and creating collective meaning between teachers, students, parents and the school community is additionally enhanced through our 1 to 1 program. Improved access to computers will provide a platform for a deeper understanding of concepts and information for all students at all times. It will give teachers consistent access to tasks that are the whole world, big picture, instantly.


Digital technologies are increasingly transforming the way we work, live, learn and play, offering new opportunities better tailoring educational choices, and unprecedented access to services and resources. Social media, online games, multimedia, cloud computing, interoperable systems and mobile learning have become a pervasive and necessary part of everyday life.


Mobile devices, such as iPads, and their associated apps can be used in educational settings as an annotation tool; to enable creation and composition; facilitate social networking; and provide rich tools to capture and edit video, audio and images.  The portability, flexibility, and natural intuitive interfaces make tablets ideal devices for students to develop skills, such as creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration.


Why iPads?

  • iPads offer a huge range of learning experiences for your child through an ever-increasing selection of apps
  • Children love to engage with iPad learning and when asked believe they learn better when using a device
  • Teachers believe students engage better and are more motivated when doing iPad activities
  • The iPad itself offers options for learning not previously available such as voice recorder and playback facilities which are helping improve the fluency of students reading
  • By using an iPad and Airplay teachers can record and share a lesson with students which can, in turn, be played back numerous times to support learning
  • iPads are mobile therefore learning is mobile and ongoing
  • Apple provides possibly the most secure operating system on a mobile device
  • The use and possibilities provided by an iPad are limited only by the users’ imagination
  • Students use devices from an early age and by the time they are in school it is often second nature
  • The iPad resonates with students and the growing mobile generation as they learn to work, share, create and communicate
  • e-Learning is here to stay and as parents and educators, we must listen to students, who are telling us technology helps them achieve their academic outcomes.

Sunbury West Primary School gives families the choice to purchase a device from the JB Hi-Fi Solutions Portal or from elsewhere that meets our minimum specifications. This way, families have the choice to take advantage of education discounts or purchase a device through a reseller of their choice. We recognise that having a single device does not always meet the requirements or preferences of every student and their family.


Please visit the following website: www.jbeducation.com.au/byod

The school code is: SUNWEST2022

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