School Council

Sunbury West Primary School Council is an annually elected body made up of eight parent members, four teacher members, the principal and two coopted members from the community. Both the parent and teacher representatives are elected by the school community.

The role of School Council is one of governance. In an era where schools have greater autonomy in managing their affairs, our School Council oversees the operational integrity and continuous improvement in relation to policy, curriculum, programs, finances, facilities and environment.

It is of critical importance that the school environment positively contributes to the ongoing maturing of your child’s educational, physical and social development. A committed and capable School Council plays an integral part in ensuring the ongoing existence of a quality environment where all members of our school community are enabled to flourish.

As such, our school is fortunate in maintaining a wonderful tradition of parents giving their time and energy to act in the best interests of everybody within the school community.

School Council meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Staff Room. You are cordially invited to attend any of these meetings.

Another opportunity for you to be involved in the school is to become a member of a School Council subcommittee. There are various subcommittees and there is no necessity to be a member of School Council to be eligible for membership of one or more of these subcommittees.

Our School Council subcommittees are:-

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Environment
  • Canteen
  • FOSW (Friends of Sunbury West)


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