Student Reporting

At Sunbury West we consider it essential that the school and home, work together in the educational endeavours for your child. Parent/Teacher Interviews provide a forum for this to occur. Formal interviews occur at the beginning and middle of the year or they can be arranged by parents or teachers at any other time of the year. Written reports are provided at the middle and end of the year.

Understanding your child's report

Student report cards provide you with a clear picture of your child's progress. They are used in all Victorian government schools to report student achievement in Years prep to 10.

You will receive a report card twice a year and be invited to a parent-teacher interview to discuss your child's progress.

The report is written in sections that help parent and students understand their progress.

What the student has achieved: This section outlines the skills that your child has been working on and now show proficiency in.

Areas for improvement/future learning:
This section outlines the areas of concern that the student needs to work on. There will be statements about the future learning needs for the student.

The school will do the following to support the student in their learning: An outline of ways the class teacher will support your child's learning within the classroom.

What you can do at home to help your child's progress:
Activities or guidelines to assist you in helping your child in their learning.

Student comment: Grade 3-6 students have the opportunity to reflect on their own learning and acknowledge areas that may need to work on both at school and home.

Specialist comments: In this section our Visual Art, Performing Art, PE, ICT and Japanese teachers report on your child's progress.


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