In 2020, Sunbury West Primary School was very proud to release a new uniform with a contemporary look and modified colours. Students starting in Prep in 2020 were required to adopt the new uniform, with the remainder of the school having a 2 year phase-in period. (This ends at the end of 2021). From 2022 all students are required to wear the new uniform.



The wearing of school uniform is compulsory at Sunbury West.

Sunbury West Primary School’s compulsory school uniform items are as follows:

  • Short Sleeve Mesh Polo with Logo Red, White & Black
  • Long Sleeve Mesh Polo with Logo Red, White & Black
  • Zip Jacket with contrast piping Red, White & Black
  • Bonded jacket with contrast panels Red, White & Black
  • Rugby Jumper Red, White & Black
  • Semi Fit Darted Dress White/Maroon/Black Check
  • Mesh Bucket Hat – Red
  • Slouch or Legionnaire Hat – Red
  • Shorts – Black
  • Track pants / Leggings – Black
  • Skort – Black
  • Netball Skirt - Black
  • Runners or black school shoes (no open-toed shoes)
  • House T-Shirt (optional on sports days)

The only generic uniform items include shorts, pants and skirts. These are not to be branded in any way.

Each year a unique Year 6 bomber jacket will be offered for purchase using the school colours of red, white and black.


Uniform Shop

Purchasing Online from PSW

Sunbury West Primary School Uniform Online Shop


PSW, our uniform supplier operates a retail shop at Shop 6, 106-120 Gap Rd Sunbury (Aldi Centre).

Trading hours: Wednesday - Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm and Saturday 9.00am - 12.00noon


A brief summary of the dress code is listed below.


Jewellery and Cosmetics

Students are not permitted to wear decorative jewellery to school. Stud earrings and sleepers can be worn in the ears and watches are the only acceptable jewellery.

Students are not permitted to wear smartwatches as these are in conflict with the State Government’s Mobile Phone Communication Policy.

Facial piercings are not permitted.

Cosmetics may not be worn at school. Nails must be kept short to prevent injury during sport or play. Only clear nail polish may be worn. As a guide nails should not be seen from the underside of the finger. Acrylic and Gel nails are permitted as long as they adhere to the previous points and are rounded and not sharp in any way. Students who do not abide by these rules may be excluded from particular sporting activities.


Hair and Sun Safety

Shoulder length or longer hair is to be tied back to help restrict the spread of nits and lice and for student safety. Students’ hair must be of natural hair colour. Coloured hairspray or hair chalk is not permitted at any time.


As we are a Sun Smart school, uniform hats must be worn outside from mid-August (the exact date to be set by the school annually) to 30 April and on any other day prescribed by the school. School uniform hats may also be worn outside of this time period, by parent or student choice.


Acceptable hats include slouch, bucket or legionnaire hats. School uniform hats should be red. All children must wear a hat while participating in PE and sport during the designated Sun Smart period. Children who do not bring their own suitable hat will not be able to participate during outside sessions of PE and sport and will be required to stay undercover at recess and lunchtimes in the designated areas.


Hats are not to be worn inside. This includes beanies during the cooler months.

Children are encouraged to wear sunscreen. This is to be provided by the parents/carers and is the responsibility of the child to apply their own sunscreen before outdoor activities.


Students are permitted to wear sunglasses during outdoor activities. Sunglasses should be close-fitting, wrap-around that meet the Australian Standards 1067 and cover as much of the eye area as possible.


Out of Uniform Days

Junior School Council will be responsible for nominating [4] days to be deemed out of uniform days each year. Clothing that covers the shoulders and allows the children to participate in normal school activities are to be worn on these days. Enclosed shoes and shoes that allow the child to participate in all activities are to be worn. On out of uniform days during designated Sun Smart dates school hats will be worn.


House Sports Days and Activities

During House sporting carnivals, P–2, 3 /4 and 5 /6 sport days (not PE) and House Mates days at school, children are permitted to wear the official House T-Shirts.





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