School Profile

Sunbury West Primary School is approximately 42 km from Melbourne, with the countryside only minutes away from our boundary. Since its opening in 1971, the school has provided quality education to the children of Sunbury and surrounding areas. Past principals have led the school continuously for 50 years and established what has been recognised widely as a
distinguished inclusive learning environment catering to a diverse community of learners.


While our school community has changed and evolved over time, quilty education is a legacy that remains a pillar of our school. Over the past few years, our school has seen changes in school leadership who collectively oversaw the repurposing and redesign of learning and recreational spaces.


We have introduced and embedded 1:1 technology and continued our excellent specialist programs. Whilst maintaining an unwavering commitment to foundational skills in English, Mathematics, Science and Health as key platforms for future-focused learning and achieving our school vision. Situated among well established and developing residential areas, the school's present enrolment is approximately 190 students.


Our School Vision:

In the safe, caring and stimulating environment of Sunbury West Primary School, each child is given the opportunity and encouragement to strive towards their maximum potential as a confident individual and responsible member of society.


Our School Motto:

Together we learn, Together we grow.


As a school, we value:

  • Students as independent and empowered learners.
  • Self-belief, self-worth and mutual respect between all members of our school community.
  • A strong sense of belonging and connectedness enabling our students to become resilient and active members of their community.
  • A strong home/school partnership and a positive school spirit.

The school strives for social, emotional and educational excellence in an environment where children mix cooperatively. We encourage our staff, students and parents to value diversity and promote the development of individual strengths and talents.


Students develop leadership and social responsibility through Junior School Council, the House System, the Peer Support programs and other cross-age activities. The school practises the Assertive Discipline model, which focuses on positive behaviour leading to students respecting the rights and property of others, stresses the right to educational opportunity while fostering self-discipline and social responsibility.


Our school's commitment to fostering self-worth and self-belief in all our students is highlighted by our Student Well Being and Empowerment Charter priority. The school has an extensive range of equipment and resources to support learning programs.


Statement of Commitment to Child Safety and Child Safety Principles
A culture of child safety at Sunbury West Primary School (SWPS) ensures that the school prioritises the safety of the children in our care and has a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse. At SWPS, child safety is part of everyone's everyday thinking and practice and an ongoing, dedicated process of improvement. This culture is achieved through proactive leadership in demonstrating appropriate values, attitudes and behaviours. Please visit our website to see our seven Child Safety Standards for more information.


Staff at Sunbury West Primary School

Principal –
Inga Wilson
Assistant Principal –
Dean Darmanin
Learning Specialists –
Mandy Langman (Teaching and Learning)
Prep LS -
Lauren Skinner
Prep LS -
Stephanie Barnes
1/2 A –
Debbie Attard
1/2 B –
Dianne Bronchinetti
3/4 L –
Mandy Langman
3/4 P –
Eric Penny

5/6 M - 

Carolyn McKenzie

5/6 O -
Chelsea O'Meara

Specialist Team –
Physical Education - Stephanie Crosato
Visual/Performing Arts - Lyndon Wadell
Languages (Japanese) - Ako Sueyoshi

Tutor Learning Initiative

Dianne Todd

Lyndon Wadell



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