eNews 29th March 2021

Issue 10



Term 2 2021

Friday 28th May - 1st Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($100)

Tuesday 8th June - Bookings for Parent Teacher Interviews open on Compass

Wednesday 9th June - Prep Ambulance Visit

Thursday 10th June - Year 1/2 Sunbury Excursion

Monday 14th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 18th June - Year 5/6 Winter Sports

Friday 18th June - Reports open on Compass

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd June - Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 21st June - 2nd Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($100)

Wednesday 23rd June - Casual Clother Day (Winter Warmers) & Canteen Meal Deal

Friday 25th June - Last Day of Term 2 - 2.30pm Finish

Term 3 2021

Monday 12th July - First day of Term 3

Monday 19th July - 3rd Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($90)

Friday 23rd July - Year 5/6 Camp Balance Due (if any remains) / All Camp documentation is due

Monday 26th July - Curriculum Day

Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th August - Year 5/6 Anglesea Camp

Principal's Report - April

Welcome back to all our families. We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break and had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends.

We can now formally welcome Mr Dean Darmanin, our newly appointed Assistant Principal to our staff. Dean’s main roles will be in the areas of Curriculum Development and Student Welfare, but he brings with him many areas of expertise. Dean has spent the past week getting to know students and staff and is looking forward to working with all members of the school community. We are extremely pleased to have Dean on board.

I will be on leave from Tuesday 27th – Friday 30th April. Dean will be Acting Principal during my absence.

Teacher Contact via Email
We respectfully remind parents that as per our protocols, if they need to contact teachers via email, they send it via the school’s account at sunbury.west.ps@education.vic.gov.au

We have had concerns expressed by community members that parents are parking across driveways. We respectfully remind families to be careful to not park across people's driveways as not only is this illegal and you may be fined by the parking inspectors, but it also may hinder another familiy from being on time to take their children to and from school.

Sporting Events

Regional Swimming Finals

Eric Smith-Jones and Oliver Smyth were very excited to represent our school at the Regional Swimming Sports Carnival after placing first at the divisional event.

Unfortunately they missed out on a place this time around, but again we are very proud of these students’ efforts. They are great ambassadors for our school.

Well done Eric and Ollie!

House Athletics
It was extremely gratifying to be able to run our House Athletics Carnival earlier this month. 

Children in Years 3 – 6 spent the day at Boardman Stadium, rotating through the various events. Well done to our House Captains who performed their first official duty. Their leadership of their respective teams is to be commended.

Well done to Concorde who was the winning house and congratulations to Kasia Phillips and Oliver Smyth who were the Champion Girl and Boy respectively.

Sincere thanks to Miss Williams and Mrs Langman for their coordination of the event and to the many parents who came along to support and assist on the day.

District Athletics

Unfortunately due to inclement weather, this event which was scheduled for the 25th March has been postponed until the 30th March. Good Luck to all the students who are competing. 

Inga Wilson

Easter Raffle

Thank you to FOSW and the many families who supported our Easter Raffle this year with donations. It was lovely to be able to run this fundraising event again this year, after a year without opportunity to do so.

Congratulations to all of our winners. We hope you enjoy your treats and surprises.

Visual Arts Year 1/2

The Grade 1/2's have been looking at drawing and using lines to draw different pictures. Last week they practised using wavy lines to create artwork. 

They discussed how wavy lines make them feel relaxed and the colours make them feel happy. Can you see a picture in their artwork? They found some animals, faces and objects in theirs! 

P - 2 STEM

In Term 1, the children in P-2 have been learning about how things move. We have learnt about how we can move objects, how our bodies move in the playground, how things move in water - floating and sinking, how things move in the air and how magnets move things. We have learnt to think like scientists and are learning to ask WHY something happens. The children have done lots of experiments, made predictions and learnt to make observations like scientists.

The preps are changing their paper planes to make them fly differently.

Here are our scientists having fun testing out their rotocopters. They move differently to the paper planes. The paper planes glide and the rotocopters spin! WHY do they spin?

We have fun in STEM!!

Autumn 1/2 A

Have you seen our Autumn leaves?

Finding Autumn Leaves

This morning when the rain stopped we went searching for signs of Autumn.

First we went to the veggie garden, the veggies were gone.

Next we went to the orchard, we saw that the lemons and mandarins were growing still. Then we went to the trees at the back of the oval. The trees had so many Autumn leaves. After we went to the friendship garden, we found a toadstool. We saw a big tree with seed pods. It was an amazing adventure.

 by Jasmine

This morning we went to look for Autumn. We found colourful leaves. I felt happy.

By Chelsea Jane

Autumn Leaves

This morning we got Autumn leaves. First we went to the veggie garden. Next we went to the orchard. Then we went to the trees at the back of the oval. After we went to the friendship garden. All the leaves looked great! Some were red, some were yellow, some were orange, some were multicoloured. It was fun.

By Josh

Finding Autumn Leaves

When the rain stopped we went searching for Autumn leaves. When we were finding leaves we found some toadstools. We could not eat the toadstools because they were not for humans. When we were done we looked at the leaves and on the way back we found more leaves. The next day some of them turned brown and broke into tiny bits in my locker. I was happy when we found leaves.

By Sophie

Year 1/2 Maths

In maths, the 1/2s have been looking at all the ways we can make a number. 

To show our thinking, we selected a number in the middle of a flower and showed different ways to display this number in the petals.

We have also been looking at probability. We drew our favourite meal to have for dinner and discussed if it was certain, likely, unlikely or impossible that we would have it for dinner that night. We also had to say ‘why’ we thought that way.

Year 3/4

All the year 3/4s worked together this morning as part of our Term 1 unit "It's up to Me!" 

They planned and designed their own posters to show others how to demonstrate positive behaviours according to our school values of We Respect. We Belong.We Strive.

Year 3/4 PE

Well done to all of our Year 3/4s on a fantastic Term One of striving to be their best in PE.

In the lead up to our House Athletics Carnival our students  developed skills and  techniques for shotput, discus, long jump and standing starts for running and passing the baton for the relay. The weather was lovely to be able to have all our classes on the oval.

We have also been developing our overarm and underarm throws using various sized and shaped balls and different catching equipment. We have been practising these skills playing several different invasion games.

In 3/4 Sport we are focusing on following School Wide Positive Behaviours such as following the rules of the game, making space to include others and teamwork. The games have included block soccer, cannon ball, poison ball and tabloid activities.

All the students have participated 100% with a positive attitude towards physical activity.

Go 3/4!!!!!

Wakakirri 2021

We will be running a Wakakirri Program this year. Expression of interest permission forms were sent home last week. If your child would like to participate please return the permission slip along with your deposit of $20 by Wednesday 21st April.

Harmony Day

The Year 5/6 cohort completed research projects on the meaning of Harmony Day and created some posters to share their new understandings.


Community News

Kaizen Judo Sunbury
  • Girls and Boys.
  • Minimum age 8 yrs.
  • First lesson free.
  • Classes - Thursdays 7:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am
  • Address - Sunbury Neighbourhood House, 531 Elizabeth Drive.
  • Coach - 40 years experience teaching judo, Black Belt, Working With Children Check No.00095800-03.
  • Tel - 0418 144 236
  • More Information - http://www.kaizenjudo.com.au