eNews 14th December 2020

No 6


Principal's Report

Baby News

Congratulations to Ms Taylor and her partner Daniel on the safe arrival of little Amelia Mae. We have been fortunate enough to have already had a show and tell visit, where Amelia was welcomed with great excitement. 

We extend our warmest wishes to Ms Taylor and family as they enjoy this special time.

Ms Taylor will be taking parental leave in 2021.


Thankyou and Farewell

We would like to thank Mr Josh Anderson for his work at our school in 2020. Josh was a regular teacher here on Mondays and has recently taken over the reins of 1 /2 T for the last few weeks of term as Ms Taylor commenced her parental leave. Mr Anderson will be taking up a full time position at another school in 2021. We are very grateful for his work here and commitment to Sunbury West and wish him all the very best in his future career.



In 2021 we will be welcoming Ms Carolyn McKenzie to our school. Ms McKenzie has already spent a day here planning and meeting the many students in the school.

Ms McKenzie is very excited about coming to Sunbury West and we look forward to having her on board.


Capital Works Funding

I’m sure that every member of our Sunbury West community was thrilled to hear the special announcement that our school will be receiving $10.5 million in capital works funding to upgrade our facilities. Initial meetings and briefings have already commenced and we look forward to the early planning stages in 2021. We anticipate that building works will commence at the beginning of 2022.We are so excited to look to the future.

National Chaplaincy Program

Last term the school applied for a grant under the National Chaplaincy Program. We were informed last week that our application has been successful and that we will receive a funding allocation to implement a pastoral care program, facilitated by a chaplain for students over the next two years. The chaplain who will be part of our team on a part time basis will play an integral role supporting our Student Engagement Team and wellbeing programs.


Term 4 2020 Monday 14th December - Reports open at 4pm on Compass

Friday 18th December - Meet the Teacher

Friday 18th December - Last Day of Term 4 Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm

Term 1 2021 

Thursday 28th January - Bookpack Collection between 10.00am - 2.00pm

Thursday 28th January - Prep Testing Commences

Friday 29th January - Prep Testing Continues

Friday 29th January - Year 1 - 6 Students Start

Tuesday 2nd February - Prep Students Start

School Council President's Report - December

Hello to the SWPS Community,
I hope everyone is well as we approach the end of the school year.

After what has been challenging year for us all at SWPS, it was fantastic to recently receive the news that our phenomenal little school was to receive a massive $10.5 million dollars from the Victorian State Government.

Moving into 2021, both School staff and School council will continue working on what this funding will be bring to SWPS and will provide updates regarding plans to the school community throughout 2021.

I had the pleasure of attending the Class of 2020 Grade 6 Graduation last night and it was fantastic to see the students being celebrated for their efforts (and that of their families) during their years of primary school education. On behalf of School Council and the wider school community we wish our graduating class the very best as they move onto their secondary school education journey.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable festive season and see you all in 2021.

Best wishes,

James King

SWPS School Council President

ESafety News

Good habits start young

Parents and carers play an important role in helping children to develop digital intelligence — the social, emotional and practical skills needed to successfully navigate the digital world.


Even for preschool children, it is never too early to instil good habits, and as your child gets older it is useful to keep reminding them of these basic digital intelligence principles: respect, empathy, critical thinking, responsible behaviour and resilience. These are also principles you can emphasise with your child when things go wrong. 

On this page:

Please click the link to view the rest of this article:https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/skills-advice/good-habits-start-young

Prep Orientation

We were extremely relieved to be able to invite our 2021 Preps to school for their orientation days on the 25th November and 1st December. Without our usual tours throughout the year, it was lovely to finally meet our prospective students and parents, welcoming them to our school.

Although restricted to small group sessions, our newcomers were certainly excited to be here and experience their first taste of school life with their 2021 teacher, Lauren Skinner.


Year 6 Graduation

Congratulations and well done to our Year 6 students, who despite so many changing restrictions, had the opportunity to celebrate their Graduation in a near usual manner.

The students did an excellent job hosting the evening, reminiscing and sharing their memories over the past seven years of schooling. With orientation programs now complete also, our Years 6’s are ready to embark on their next educational journey.
Thank you to our Year 5 /6 teachers who have worked hard to plan for the event, adapting and modifying as our school circumstances changed. Thankyou also to James King and Kristy Hermelin who presented awards and to all staff and parents who assisted with the organisation of the evening.

Positive Pyjama Day

We finally had the opportunity to enjoy our long awaited Positive Pyjama Day which was originally scheduled for Term One.

The day was initially organised as a reward for students after collectively gathering 1000 positive points as part of our commitment to School Wide Positive Behaviours and embodiment of our values, We Respect, We Belong, We Strive. As an extra, the school put on a free sausage sizzles for students and the canteen offered a special treat deal.

The students also enjoyed some fun and relaxing activities throughout the day.

Thank you to Mrs Langman for coordinating the PJ Day and to Allison and Jane for cooking up 400 sausages and distributing the treats for everyone to enjoy.


School Wide Positive Behaviours

Well done to everyone who has received a positive postcard over the term! It is lovely to see everyone trying their best to show they can demonstrate our school values.

We have had a particular focus through our classroom discussions about speaking respectfully and getting along with others – and we have been noticing when students demonstrate this!

Well done to P/1 S who had LOTS of students receive positive postcards and as a reward had a fantastic games session with Mr Payton in the gym. Congratulations also to 1/2 B – they also received LOTS of positive postcards and made oobleck in the STEM room with Mrs Langman as a whole class reward. Look at their happy smiles in these photos!

A fantastic effort on our return to school!

Mrs Langman

P1A Narratives

This term the P-2 area have been looking at narratives and the process to write a good narrative. We have looked at where we can get our ideas from and have followed the process of writing and editing to make sense through to publishing.


P - 2 Transformations

The P-2's are learning about Transformations! We have enjoyed exploring the difference between rotations, reflections and translations. This week, we used fish in P1S to demonstrate what each looks like. We loved our little fish pictures!

In Grade One and Two learning is fun!

Writing, writing, writing, we have been having lots of fun writing this term. We have written some narrative stories. Our stories have a beginning, middle and an ending. We are illustrating our stories too!

We also squeezed in some Spring poems – just before Summer arrived! Have a read!

Our Narratives

Tom‘s Adventure

Once there was a kitten named Tom.  He was new to town. He was mostly white with a little bit of grey. Tom used his claws to cling onto you very tightly.

Tom was feeling a bit lonely and decided to go and find some kitten friends.  First he looked in a pet shop, but no kittens there. Then he looked in the park, but he only saw humans  and their noisy children. So he went to the cat farm and he saw one little kitten. It was all white and fluffy. She smiled at Tom.

Then the two little kittens decided to go home to Tom’s place. Nanna and Nunoo got a surprise when Tom came home with his new friend. They made a new room for the new kitten and called her Gemma. They looked after them and the two little kittens became best friends and had lots of adventures.

By Annabelle

The Haunted Zoo

Once there was a boy named Max. He lived in the country. What Max dreamed of most was a trip to the zoo. On the day before Max’s birthday his mum told him that his dad and big sister Jill were taking him to the zoo to camp there! Max was so happy that he was going to the zoo at last!

On the day of Max’s birthday they left the house to go to the zoo. When they got there they set up the tent in the campsite next to the penguins. Then they went to find the zookeeper. Then after looking for a long time they finally found him feeding the foxes. “Hello,” said the zookeeper. “My name is Jack. Would you like a tour?”

“Yes”, said Max’s dad. “We would like a tour.”

“OK, let’s start with the lions,” said Jack. So they went to see the lions.

On the tour Max saw that there was something weird about the animals. They looked like they had fangs. Max was curious. Maybe the zoo is haunted. At night Jill and Dad were asleep but Max wasn’t because the penguins were making too much noise. Max peeked out of the tent and said, “Hey, can’t you be quiet?” “No!” said the penguins. After a while he fell asleep.

When Max and Jill and Dad woke up they were captured by the zookeeper and all the animals. “Why did you come to this zoo?” said the zookeeper.

“Because I really wanted to go to the zoo,” said Max. “That’s a good reason”, said the zookeeper. “Let us go!” said Max. “No,” said the zookeeper and then he walked off.

When the zookeeper was asleep Max took a knife from his backpack and cut Jill and Dad free. Just then the zookeeper woke up! “Get them!” said the zookeeper to the animals. The animals charged at them. Max pulled a flashlight from his backpack and the zookeeper and all the animals turned into ash! In the morning they went home. “We are never going to that zoo again!” said Max.

By Harriet.

Our Spring Poems 

P - 2 Art

The P-2’s continued painting this term. We have mixed the primary colours to make secondary colour by pressing blobs of paint together. This we then turned into mixing monsters and butterflies.

We are currently working on a painting of a place we would like to visit & have sponged the background.

What's the Matter - 5/6 STEM

Continuing with our Chemical Science investigation unit “What’s the Matter” the 5/6s have discovered that gas IS matter and takes up space. Through conducting a mini-experiment they realised that the atoms in gas spread out and move freely, and take up the space they are in. 

It has been VERY interesting to explore closely the matter that is around us and challenge what we thought we knew!

5/6 Monochromatic Art

The 5/6s have been working hard in Visual Art to create beautiful monochromatic paintings. They started by mixing primary colours to make secondary ones. 

They then selected a colour they wanted for their piece and started experimenting with tones, shades and tints by adding white and black. They designed their art work as a drawing first then got busy painting their background. The final lesson was to add their foreground with the black and white paint. As you can see, the results are FANTASTIC!


We have been very busy in japanese these past few weeks!
Take a look at what we have been doing...


The students have been learning about fruit and vegetables in Japanese. They also practised saying what fruit/vegetable they liked and didn't like.



The students learnt about food and drink items found in a Hamburger Shop. We finished the unit by making some origami French fries and Soft serve.



The students learnt about traditional Japanese dishes and Japanese table manners including chopstick etiquette. We finished the unit with a chopstick challenge which everyone enjoyed.

Year 4 Bike Ed

Well done to our Year 4 students who completed their Bike Ed training last Thursday.


Although a condensed version of our usual program, students did have the opportunity to ride, practising and reinforcing road safety skills. The students focused on braking correctly, riding slowly around obstacles and riding in single file and pairs.
These students may now ride their bikes to school, on the condition that they follow the rules and expectations of our Traffic Safety Policy. Congratulations to all students who completed the program.
Thank you to Mr Payton for coordinating this program.


Community News

Footy Star Academy Pre-Christmas Holiday Program

Footy Star Academy is thrilled to be running a Pre-Christmas Holiday Program on Monday 21 Dec and Tuesday 22 December in New Gisborne.  Clinton Young (Head Coach and AFL Premiership Player) will be the Head Coach.

Please see below further information.  

Venue: Holy Cross Primary School Oval, New Gisborne

Dates: Monday 21 December and Tuesday 22 December

Time: Half and full day bookings are available. 

*Half day (9am-12pm OR 1pm-4pm) - $50

*Full day (9am-4pm) - $90

*Positions are strictly limited. All children must pre-register before the day. 

To register visit: https://bit.ly/FootyGisborne

For a short video providing more information about Footy Star Academy, visit: https://rb.gy/aphf6l or call Bec Young (0438 317 641).