eNews 10th November 2020

No 6



Term 2 2021

Friday 28th May - 1st Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($100)

Tuesday 8th June - Bookings for Parent Teacher Interviews open on Compass

Wednesday 9th June - Prep Ambulance Visit

Thursday 10th June - Year 1/2 Sunbury Excursion

Monday 14th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 18th June - Year 5/6 Winter Sports

Friday 18th June - Reports open on Compass

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd June - Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 21st June - 2nd Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($100)

Wednesday 23rd June - Casual Clother Day (Winter Warmers) & Canteen Meal Deal

Friday 25th June - Last Day of Term 2 - 2.30pm Finish

Term 3 2021

Monday 12th July - First day of Term 3

Monday 19th July - 3rd Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($90)

Friday 23rd July - Year 5/6 Camp Balance Due (if any remains) / All Camp documentation is due

Monday 26th July - Curriculum Day

Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th August - Year 5/6 Anglesea Camp

Principal's Report

Dear Families,

As we approach the mid-way mark of the term, we are pleased to be enjoying aspects of normal school life as we know it. With the latest announcements this weekend, we are waiting on any new updates from the Department regarding end of year processes, activities and events.


We thank families for your cooperation with our staggered dismissal times and now that we have gone back to 3.30pm dismissal for all students we remind families not to enter the school grounds before 3.25pm. We also ask that if possible (especially with the older year levels) that you meet your children outside the school gates where appropriate.


We remind parents and students of our uniform requirements. PSW has now re-opened so families can access the shop during its regular hours. Our policy can be found on the school website sunburywestps@education.vic.edu.au.

Students Contacting Parents

As part of our Digital Literacy Program, our Year 5 /6 students all sign an Acceptable Internet User Agreement. Students are not permitted to use messaging apps to contact parents or anyone else on their iPADS during school hours. 

If contact needs to be made with a parent, the student must report to the office. If your child breaches this rule and does make contact with you, we ask that you please call the office and not respond directly to your child. Where a student is in breach of the Agreement, they will receive an e-Smart notification and consequences will apply. We thank you for your support in this matter.

School Council President's Report - November

Hello to the SWPS Community,

I hope everyone is well and that the kids, staff and families have started to settle back into school life. It is also pleasing to see that things are returning to a new type of normal for both school and day to day life.

I have always enjoyed camping with family and friends, but I don’t think I have been as keen as I am now to get away for a holiday in our caravan!

In the leadup to the 50th Anniversary of SWPS in 2021, I hope you have managed to see some of the visible and refreshing changes to the school grounds. We look forward to the celebrations next year, particularly after the challenges we have dealt with this year so far.

Lets hope that things continue to head in the right direction so we can enjoy the rest of 2020 as much as possible.

Best wishes,

James King

SWPS School Council President

Dear Teachers and Administration Staff of Sunbury West Primary School,

On behalf of the Sunbury West School Council we would like to express our gratitude for your fantastic efforts over the last month to organise, plan and conduct a program that has had the students engaged, learning and actively interacting with you. We are aware that your professional character and commitment to your students has helped you to adapt your already set class plans and convert them to a new way of teaching and learning.

We are heartened by your constant words of encouragement to the students, parents and carers and the positivity that you display online or face to face. People already say that teaching is an admirable yet difficult job, as parents and carers, we have now proven that by our own experiences in this new situation we all find ourselves in.

We thank you for finding ways to make this transition as comfortable and familiar for the students without having them feeling added pressure to what they are already asked to cope with. Having time and space where they can interact with their teachers and peers is something that has been offered and is clearly valued by everyone.

By taking everything one day at a time, we’re sure to see this through and have a smooth transition back to regular school life when the time comes.

Kind Regards

Sunbury West School Council – Parent Members

Positive Pyjama Party!

WOW!!! In Term One our students demonstrated our values We Respect. We Belong. We Strive 1000 times!!!! Each time we noticed one of our AMAZING students demonstrating our SWPS Values they were awarded a positive sticker – our goal was 1000 positives & we counted 1000 positives by the end of Term 1!

At last we can celebrate this achievement with a “Positive Pyjama Party” on Wednesday 18th November – students can wear their Pyjamas to school (onesie, dressing gown, pyjamas), watch a movie with their class and will receive a sausage or two as a thank you!

  • Please make sure your child wears appropriate footwear
  • No singlets allowed

Order forms were sent home last week. 
Students will receive 1 or 2 sausages for FREE depending on their preference, and may order a Drink & Zooper Dooper for $2.50 to go with their sausage(s).

Orders close Midnight Thursday 12th November on QKR. No orders will be taken at school after Friday 13th November.

What's been happening in the P-2 Area

The P-2's have been learning about halves! We made pizzas and cut them in half to see that halves means we have 2 equal sized pieces. We really loved making the pizzas!

For the footy colours day, we have many different teams to barrack for in the P-2 area! We read footy stories, listened to theme songs and made a graph to see which team was most popular in our classrooms. We even designed our own jersey for our own team!

P - 2 Art

This term our focus is on painting. We have started by exploring different objects to make marks with paint and made patterns with these things. Can you guess some of the things we used?

Grade 5/6 STEM

The 5/6’s are learning all about matter in our chemical science unit What’s the Matter? This week we explored solids – and investigated a selection of solids, such as soap, sponges, washing powder, stones, marbles, sugar and rice.

We discussed the properties of the materials and tested them – asking questions such as can we pour them? Can we scratch? Are powders a solid? What do all these materials have in common?

We have started our learnings about atoms and molecules and we came up with some awesome wonderings which we will need to investigate further!

Next week: Liquids!!!

Grade 5/6 Maths

This week we have been investigating angles. We classified acute, obtuse, straight, right, reflex and revolution angles and learnt how to measure them with a protractor. We drew our names and tried to find all the different angles we could!


For Art this Term, the 5/6s are PAINTING! We started by looking at Picasso’s blue period as we are doing monotone paintings. We drew the designs we wanted to paint in our art books. We then practiced mixing the primary colours to create secondary ones on a colour wheel.

Our next step was to decide on a colour that we wanted to use and practiced mixing in white, black and grey to change the shades and tones. This week we began painting our backgrounds using our chosen colour. Stay tuned for the final results!

Community News

Dear Ms Wilson

The Sunbury Lay Ecumenical Committee has decided that due to the current pandemic we will, unfortunately, not be able to hold our annual Carols on The Green Festival  in 2020.


We are planning an online event Carols on Your Screen.  This will be a shorter programme and again, due to pandemic regulations, we will only be able to pre-record solo or very small adult group performances.

We have appreciated your support in the past and look forward to your students’ performances in the future -when we are able to meet in larger groups.

Kindest Regards

Gwen Hutcheson


Sunbury Lay Ecumenical Committee Inc