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15th May 2020


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December 2021


2021 Term Dates

Term 1
29th January - 1st April

Term 2
14th April - 25th June

Term 3
12th July - 17th September

Term 4
4th October - 17th December

Principal's Report

Transition Back to School

Last week we completed the final phase of our transition back to school with students in Years 3 – 6 returning on Tuesday 9th June.

I express my thanks to the Sunbury West school community

for working together to make working apart happen as positively as it has. We have been extremely fortunate that our children have continued to access their learning in a meaningful way. This is largely due to the hard work and commitment of our teaching staff who have had to learn new technologies, alternatives to daily practices and creative ways of delivering their various programs in a completely different environment. This is coupled with their diligence in ensuring that all children are regularly engaged and supported in their learning, health and wellbeing. Our education support staff have also been vital to the success of the on-site learning program, supporting all students with their individual needs.

Our sincere thanks to parents also who have been instrumental in facilitating the connection between home and school so that children can continue to participate in literacy, numeracy, inquiry and enrichment tasks. It has been extremely rewarding to observe parents engage with children, supporting them and no doubt experiencing aspects of their daily learning that they may otherwise not have the opportunity to experience. The time, flexibility and adjustments that parents have made is greatly appreciated.

We also extend our thanks to families who have been respectful and supportive of protocols we have been required to implement, particularly in relation to student drop off and pick up times.

To the children of Sunbury West, who have all had to adapt to new ways of learning, either on-site or at home, their capacity to adapt and respond has been extremely commendable. In an environment where they have had to show greater independence and resilience, whilst striving to maintain a certain level of interdependence with their peers and teachers is admirable.

Over the coming weeks and possibly still months, we will continue to evolve back to a semblance of normality after these complex and challenging times. As always, our school will endeavour to support parents and students alike, to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.


Inga Wilson



School Council President’s Report

Hi to everyone in the SWPS community.

Well Term 2 has certainly been a challenge for us all but despite this it has been fantastic to see the quick transition made by school staff over to online teaching and learning.

In addition thanks to all of the parents who have had to move over to juggling both working from and teaching their children at home.

I would like to thank all the school staff for their fantastic and ongoing efforts in supporting students and their families during this challenging time. I would also like to highlight the work being done by our FOSW parent fundraising team who have continued to work behind the scenes so events like our annual Mother’s Day stall were still able to occur, albeit in a different format.

I hope everyone is well and stays safe during this extraordinary time, when things are back to a new normal its communities like what we have at SWPS that will help us and especially our children settle back into face to face teaching and everyday school life.

Best wishes,

James King

SWPS School Council President


Prep 2021 Transition Process and School Tours

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions schools are unable to hold any tours of the school until further notice. The Sunbury Network of Primary Schools intend to hold tours and information sessions during Term 3, dependent on advice from the Department of Education at that time.

The tentative dates for Sunbury West are:

29th July 7.00pm

6th August 9.30am

11th August 2.00pm

These will be promoted on school websites, Facebook pages, local childcare centres and kindergartens as soon as they are confirmed.

2021 enrolment packs are now available. Please contact the office on 9740 8666 to request a copy.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all work through the COVID environment.

The Sunbury Network of School Principals

Mother’s Day Stall

As always, our fabulous FOSW team rose to the occasion to roll out a very special Mother’s Day gift  this year as we work through these challenging times of isolation and detachment from the communities that are dear to us. 

This year, children had the opportunity to purchase a Mystery Bag, filled with goodies to spoil our special mums, grandmas and carers. With a couple of options to choose from, each bag contained a selection of either pretty, soft, fragrant or novel items. Special thanks to Kristy, Claire and Jasmin who gave their time as always to put these wonderful gifts together so that our children and mums would not miss out on this favourite Sunbury West event. Thank you also to Pina and Allison for coordinating the safe, staggered, and socially distanced pick up times. Whilst this is predominantly about tradition and a special Mother’s Day gesture, our stall also forms part of our fundraising for the year so that we can achieve our goals for the school, such as the recent painting works. Therefore, we extend a huge thank you to all the families who have supported our Mother’s Day Stall in 2020, as many of our other fundraising activities have been compromised.

Sunbury West 50th Year Celebrations

In 2021 Sunbury West celebrates its 50th birthday. Although this seems like a while away, we are already in the initial planning stages for this. 

We would like to establish a coordinating committee and are calling upon parents, carers and staff to take charge of the preparations for this special event. If you would like to be part of this historic occasion, please contact the office as soon as possible so that we can get the ball rolling.


Term 2 2021

Friday 28th May - 1st Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($100)

Tuesday 8th June - Bookings for Parent Teacher Interviews open on Compass

Wednesday 9th June - Prep Ambulance Visit

Thursday 10th June - Year 1/2 Sunbury Excursion

Monday 14th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Friday 18th June - Year 5/6 Winter Sports

Friday 18th June - Reports open on Compass

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd June - Parent Teacher Interviews

Monday 21st June - 2nd Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($100)

Wednesday 23rd June - Casual Clother Day (Winter Warmers) & Canteen Meal Deal

Friday 25th June - Last Day of Term 2 - 2.30pm Finish

Term 3 2021

Monday 12th July - First day of Term 3

Monday 19th July - 3rd Instalment 5/6 Camp Due ($90)

Friday 23rd July - Year 5/6 Camp Balance Due (if any remains) / All Camp documentation is due

Monday 26th July - Curriculum Day

Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th August - Year 5/6 Anglesea Camp

Year 3/4 Visual Arts

We are beginning a drawing unit this term. We are doing this by learning about the different Art Elements artists use to create their pieces. The elements we are going to investigate are line, texture, colour, shape and shading.


This week we started exploring some links to our inquiry topic and listened to a story called ‘The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek’. We also watch an ‘Aussie Bush Tales’ video where an Indigenous family shared their experiences and stories about the Bunyip. We talked about Bunyips representing everything that was unknown and bizarre to English Migrants and explorers when they arrived in Australia in the 1700’s! The best part of the lesson was having a go at drawing what we imagined the Bunyip to look like! As you can see, the results were fantastic! I loved looking through all the drawings the children submitted into their Google Classroom! Click the link below to see some of their great artwork.

Happy drawing,

Miss Barnes

Visual Arts - Grade 5/6

We have begun a drawing unit this term. We are doing this by learning about the different Art Elements artists use to create their pieces. The elements we are going to investigate are line, texture, colour, shape, shading, perspective and space. We started with line.

We investigated the use of line in different artwork such as illusion, implied line and line focus.The students practiced drawing and labelling different lines they could use and then completed a ‘moving lines’ activity. The results were fantastic! We hope you can still enjoy our artwork even though you can’t see it on display at school. Click on the link below to see their fantastic artwork!

Happy drawing,

Miss Barnes



The Prep to Year 2's have been practising their Kanji numbers. They have been creatively making the Kanji numbers using objects around the house, having fun singing the songs and also having a go at writing the Kanji numbers.