A Message from the Principal

Welcome back to Term 2, we hope everyone was able to have a healthy break during these strange times. Staff have been working together to comprehend the new changes and tools to continue your child’s learning. Remote Learning will require flexibility and understanding from all of us. 

As remote and flexible learning evolves, we will continue to communicate strategies for learning and correspondence. It is the role of the teacher to provide the direction for the learning program and assist students in their learning. Parents are asked to facilitate the connection for the remote learning environment and support home / school partnerships.

All teachers will communicate daily learning through Google Classroom and request that families ensure they engage with the platform each day.

Each student has been assigned a login for their Google account. This information was in the letter mailed out to all families during the holidays. All families must now login in to these accounts so that teachers are able to see your child is active in their classroom. If you do not do this your child will not be able to access their learning.

There will be a daily thread of communication in your child’s individual Google Classroom. Students and parents will be able to use this to communicate directly with the classroom teacher. Please be aware that the response may not be instant, but they will strive to respond as soon as possible and practicable, within teacher work hours.

There will be times when children are expected to log in for an online meeting with their class. It is expected that where possible, your child is available to participate. This will be facilitated via either Zoom or Webex and will be controlled by the teacher, families will be sent a link and a password via Google Classroom. This social engagement is extremely important as it keeps them connected with their teacher and peers. Teachers will also endeavour to contact each student/family once a week via a face to face online call. Teachers will provide further information on how and when this will occur via Google Classroom.

Students will receive one learning task for Reading, Writing (literacy activities) and Maths and weekly activities for Inquiry, Japanese and their other enrichment programs.

As we adjust to remote learning strategies, the recommendation from the Department of Education in relation to time spent on learning at home is as follows:

Foundation – Year 2
The focus for the learning program is on Literacy, Numeracy, Play based learning and physical activity.
The school will provide learning programs that include the following:

  • literacy activities that take a total of about 45-60 minutes
  • numeracy activities of about 30-45 minutes
  • additional learning areas, play-based learning and physical activity of about 30-45 minutes.
  • Japanese: one weekly activity 

Years 3 – 6
The focus of the learning program is on Literacy and Numeracy, with a broadening of areas that integrate other subject areas and capabilities. This is done via inquiry based learning around the term topic focus for investigation. Some examples include Science and technologies, critical and creative thinking, health, humanities and intercultural understanding.
The school will provide learning programs allocated as follows:

  • Literacy: 45-60 minutes
  • Numeracy: 30-45 minutes
  • Physical activities: 30 minutes
  • Additional curriculum areas: 90 minutes
  • Japanese: one weekly activity

Parents’ Role in Learning
The school is here to assist families as we transition to remote and flexible learning. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the classroom teacher via Google Classroom or the office via phone 9740 8666.

If your child is ill and will not be participating in learning on a particular day we ask that you log this illness via Compass by 9.15am as you would normally do if your child was going to be absent. This allows staff to know why the student may not be in contact for the day.

Please remember that your teacher should always be the first person you contact in regard to any concerns you have for your child's learning, this can be done via Google Classroom. If the teacher is unable to address your questions they will forward on your request to the appropriate person.

Inga, Elissa and Staff






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