A Message from the Principal

Ms Moore is an extremely hard working teacher and as we know, has a relentless passion for Numeracy. Ms Moore invests deeply in the students she teaches, ensuring positive outcomes for all. We thank Ms Moore for being a wonderful teacher, colleague and friend at Sunbury West and wish her every happiness and success as she embarks on a new journey at her new school.

Story Dogs

Thankyou to our JSC for hosting the launch of our Story Dogs program in the Year 2 area. We are thrilled to welcome Loki and Jade to our school as we work in partnership to promote reading and nurture a love of literature. We were pleased to raise $218 to support the Story Dogs organisation.

A particularly fun theme for our dress up day, it was great to see so many fantastic and creative costumes. We look forward to our article in The Leader newspaper.

Thankyou also to Allison for the meal deal day to further support the event.

Chocolate Drive

Our Chocolate Drive is the next event on our FOSW calendar with chocolates going home this Wednesday. Families will have the opportunity to sell these over the holidays with the drive concluding on the 19th July.

New Uniform

School Council has now approved our new uniform for 2020. Whilst it is important to maintain the integrity of the Sunbury West tradition, we feel that it is time to go with a more contemporary look. Our revised colours will be red, white and black, hopefully making the purchase of some of the core items like pants and shorts more accessible to families.

We intend to roll out the new uniform to our 2020 Preps, with all other families to opt in over a period of time which will be confirmed by Council.

Winter Sports

Well done to all our Year 5 /6 students who participated in the Winter Sports Interschool Competition. Competing in Football, Soccer and Netball, the teams enjoyed varying degrees of success with everyone experiencing a win on the day. Our students represented our school with pride and from all reports had a great day.


Wishing all our families the best during the Term 2 vacation period. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on the 15th July.


Inga Wilson



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