Letter of Thanks

Dear Teachers and Administration Staff of Sunbury West Primary School, On behalf of the Sunbury West School Council we would like to express our gratitude for your fantastic efforts over the last month to organise, plan and conduct a program that has had the students engaged,

learning and actively interacting with you. We are aware that your professional character and commitment to your students has helped you to adapt your already set class plans and convert them to a new way of teaching and learning. We are heartened by your constant words of encouragement to the students, parents and carers and the positivity that you display online or face to face. People already say that teaching is an admirable yet difficult job, as parents and carers, we have now proven that by our own experiences in this new situation we all find ourselves in. We thank you for finding ways to make this transition as comfortable and familiar for the students without having them feeling added pressure to what they are already asked to cope with. Having time and space where they can interact with their teachers and peers is something that has been offered and is clearly valued by everyone. By taking everything one day at a time, we’re sure to see this through and have a smooth transition back to regular school life when the time comes. Kind Regards, Sunbury West School Council – Parent Members

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